Training Programmes, Recruitment Days and Junior Talent Sourcing to keep your company on the industry pulse.

Linkedin Course

Harnessing the power of LinkedIn: The essential guide to boosting your profile and business online.

Zoe Upson has formulated a method which has enabled her to utilise the LinkedIn platform to its maximum efficiency. From this platform alone, FACT Talent business is now 100% inbound from LinkedIn ALONE and has generated hundreds of thousands of pounds of additional revenue.

This strategy doesn’t require any cold messaging, automation technology or paid advertisements.

We have a LinkedIn course which will show you exactly how to utilise the LinkedIn social media platform (at no additional cost) to generate the same level of business for you.

This course is specifically formulated for those working in the shipping and commodity space but is also very powerful for recruiters, sales, entrepreneurs and business developers, regardless of sectors.

You will learn how to generate new leads and attract new business. You’ll discover how to maximise your personal branding, encourage company outreach and enhance how your company is portrayed online.

Whether you’re a broking house, sales trader, business developer or recruiter, this course guarantees you’ll attract new leads, new business, and enhance your company profile.

It’s an absolute no-brainer!

Recruitment Days / Trainee Programmes

Our FACT Academy recruitment days enable clients to ensure they’re making the best choice from all the talent available. Our selection process helps us identify the top candidates, the very best in their field.

When hiring from entry level up to 2 years’ experience, it can be hard to gauge the credibility of a candidate from an interview alone. Our recruitment days, with their thorough assessment and testing process, will enable you to ensure you’ve made the right hire.

We also handle our clients’ global trainee programmes, facilitating introductions to the most diverse and top talent.

What would typically take a probation period of 3-6 months to discover (assuming you’ve selected the right hire), we can establish from our search process in ONE recruitment day. We have a tried and tested method with 100% success rate to date.

Solutions Provider

FACT Academy is our division dedicated to sourcing junior talent. We have built relationships with several universities and sports academies.

Our expertise is identifying rising stars with a particular skill set that would add value to ANY business.

They exhibit amazing potential, and can hit the ground running in the world of shipping and commodities.

Through our meticulous selection process, we are adept at finding hidden gems.

We will source a diverse and strong selection of entry level/graduates with up to 2 years’ experience – The Class of FACT Academy.

Clients want candidates with a strong work ethic, who are driven, motivated and highly ambitious. We fully appreciate the necessity of working with a talent solutions company that can identify top entry-level candidates. Trainee positions can often be the most time consuming and demanding roles to fill, due to a high number of applications. Basically, you’re looking for the needle in a haystack.

FACT Academy was born to address a need in the market. We noticed a recurring pattern with clients. Companies struggle to find exceptional junior talent. The shipping industry is missing out on a lot of up-and-coming talent; graduates who are opting instead to work in tech or other fashionable sectors.

This is largely due to the fact that our maritime industries are not utilising online platforms to their full potential, losing out in the job-search game (which is why everyone should be doing our FACT Talent LinkedIn course)