Due to high demand, FACT has now established an entity in Dubai! It is called “FACTS”: Freight and Commodity Talent SOLUTIONS.

FACTS is our HR consultancy. We work as your talent solutions partner in order to assist you with hiring strategies as well as culture and diversity consulting within the shipping and commodity space.

In tandem with our recruitment services, our specialists can also help you to set up your own UAE entity. We have dedicated team members waiting to help you set up new desks or offices. We offer turnkey solutions for your successful expansion. We can also assist with hiring staff and issuing contracts and terms. Additionally, we can also advise you on great areas to live, good schools in the area and salary benchmarking.

Furthermore, we are striving to formulate a WOMEN TOGETHER Middle East group. We also plan to continue our ESG values to make the shipping and commodities space more inclusive and diverse. All our business in the Dubai region will be green as we are proudly a net-zero recruiter!

Under our Dubai entity, we will also have our new LinkedIn online course which will be available for clients by Q4 2023.